Why Are Cell Phones Refurbished? Here Are the Top Reasons

A high-performing enterprise storage system may not be cheap, but downtime is far more costly. Availability is critical, so for most companies, a backup and disaster recovery (DR) plan is a high priority. Unfortunately, third-party disaster recovery contracts are often over-priced, and do not always dedicate enough time to testing for you to be fully confident in their reliability. This has prompted many companies to look in-house for disaster recovery and backup solutions.

Think you can’t afford enough capacity to handle house refurbishment london disaster recovery and backup in house? Think again! By implementing a combination of new and used storage area network (SAN) equipment in your system, handling DR and backup in-house can be far more affordable than a third-party contract.

Benefits of Using Refurbished SAN for Backup and Disaster Recovery:

Cost – Don’t get stuck in an over-priced DR contract. Affordable used SAN equipment can be used to backup all of your data and implement a disaster recovery plan. By choosing used or refurbished SAN over new, you can save money without sacrificing performance or availability.

  • Reliability – If you are monitoring all of your DR and backup operations on used or refurbished SAN equipment in-house, you can take the time to test the system thoroughly.
  • Control – With a third party company handling all of your backup and DR needs, you don’t always have as much control as you would like over your own data. By implementing used or refurbished SAN for in-house disaster recovery, you can control factors such as where your DR system will be stored.
  • Speed – SAN is known for its high-speed performance, and this holds true for used and refurbished SAN as well. You can often find even current generation products available refurbished.

You cannot afford to risk downtime in your business, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with a third-party disaster recovery contract that you can’t afford, either. Reasonably priced refurbished or used SAN has the capabilities you need to manage disaster recovery and backup operations in-house, at a fraction of the price.


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