Turkey visa and how to obtain it

Turkey is one of the most important countries that Arab tourists go to. And what tourists are looking for are the procedures and papers necessary to travel, especially in this period due to the spread of the Corona epidemic and the imposition of restrictions and conditions on travelers and citizens by countries.

Turkey contains many tourist cities that are frequented by millions of visitors annually. The most important of these cities is Istanbul, which is considered the economic capital of the country and is the most famous and densest tourist city. Various and various museums. This is in addition to many tourist areas and scenic views of the Bosphorus Strait, which separates the city into Asian and European parts.

Turkey contains other cities such as Trabzon, which are visited by tourists worldwide and characterized by the beauty of its terrain and greenery. Trabzon is located in the north of Turkey. The north of Turkey is generally indicated by the beauty of its nature and includes many beautiful cities and villages, such as the city of Samsun, the town of Uzungul Lake, the town of Sinop, and the city of Rize, which is characterized by its high hills, the most prominent of which is the Ayder plateau and many beautiful areas. Turkey also has many wonderful blue-flagged coasts (a flag awarded by the International Environmental Education Organization for coasts that meet certain criteria such as water quality and safety). Turkey contains 11% of the world’s coasts with blue flags. Among the cities that are characterized by these coasts is the city of Antalya.

Get a Turkey Visa

You can apply for a Turkish visa from the embassy or consulate in your country, or you can obtain it electronically within minutes without any trouble. Turkey is considered one of the developed countries in terms of electronic visas, as it provides this service to most countries of the world, especially Arab countries, where you can apply for a Turkish visa electronically for you and your family, enter data, pay fees, and then obtain a Turkish visa via e-mail. You can apply for a visa through the Visa Turkey website.

Procedures to follow before traveling

You must print the visa after obtaining it and before the price. And because of the Corona pandemic, you must do a Corona Diagnostic Analysis (BCR) before traveling in a period of no more than 72 hours or do an antibody analysis before traveling in a period of no more than 48 hours. And you can confirm the necessary measures regarding the Corona pandemic by calling the airlines you book the tickets from.

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