Tips On Tackling The Moss Or Algae On Your Roof

The development of moss or algae that grows on roofs of a house is a fairly common thing. It is not a problem for roofs of any kind of material, be it constructed from concrete tile, asphalt or cedar shakes or. If the roof is not maintained, it is likely to die prematurely.

The moss and algae are more likely to expand and multiply in areas with higher than average humidity and rainfall. It is for instance, it requires the slightest breeze to spread the spores of lichens. Then they will begin to expand and grow into algae or moss and form clusters Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia.

Nature has its own rules. The northern part of the hemisphere, moss is a common sight on the northern part of the roof, or in those areas of the roof that are covered by branches that hang over the roof. Shade that blocks the sun allows the moss to grow. The dew that falls in the morning, or even occasional showers bind to the moss, which causes less loss of water. This then triggers the game of multiplying until the whole roof is gradually being taken over and conquered. It’s a slow, but surely deadly process.

The humble moss shouldn’t be overlooked. It is small in size, but similar to the toilet sponge shelf, the moss that is shallowly rooted can store and absorb up to four times its weight in water. As a result, the roof gets covered with moisture , which keeps getting heavy and more heavy. The weight of the roof is able to press downwards on the sheathing as well as the rafters. The root’s activity increases the rate of destruction of the roofing shingles.

How can this issue be solved? Moss is a problem that can be eliminated if the owner of the property hasn’t let it get out of control. However, it is a need for professional assistance. This is the very first step. There are roof cleaning equipment that addresses the issue from the base, and then gently removes the thick and dense moss without causing damage to the roof. It’s a work and every shingle requires a particular care. This way, around 80 to 90% of the moss is removed. If the remaining portion becomes too difficult to handle, then it must be cleaned using a mixture of roof cleaner. The entire process gives a fresh look and will give a new life to the existing roof, the most essential aspect of your home.

With the roof in good shape, the next thing to consider is what can the future accumulation of moss be stopped? The branches hanging overhanging should be cut off to allow the circulation of air and sun. The sun is an obstacle and wind won’t allow moisture to sit on the roof. The roof acts as a broom that sweeps off the debris that has been accumulated. The moisture or algae will not be able locate a foothold to hold to.


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