The key benefits of an IB English tutor and should you get one?

The IB curriculum is rigorous, with internal assessments accounting for 20% of final grades and final examinations accounting for 80% of final grades. The IB used a curve system, with only a small percentage of students receiving the highest grades each year. Because of the high level of competition, an IB English tutor can really assist a student in standing out.

What are the key benefits of having an IB English tutor?

Peace of mind

An ideal tutor will explain all concepts in an easy-to-understand manner and respond to any questions you may have. An IB student who does not have access to an IB tutor faces a great deal of stress. When an IB student does not have access to a tutor, he may feel isolated and alone. An ideal IB English tutor should be able to make the student feel as if the subject is easier than it has ever been and instil confidence in them.

More free time

A good IB English tutor should be able to significantly accelerate a student’s learning. For example, a student may need to study a textbook for 10 hours to fully comprehend a topic. With the help of a tutor, he can grasp the same concepts in just two hours. This essentially means that the student will be able to master more concepts in less time. 

Students in the IB must manage six subjects at the same time. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. Getting a tutor for your weak subjects can give you a lot more free time to improve your grades.

Better results

Most students want a tutor to help them improve their exam scores. A good tutor will have extensive knowledge of IB exams and the IB curriculum and will be able to assist you with all of the assessments. 

For math and science subjects, a good tutor will be able to tell you the different types of questions that can be asked and the best way to answer them. The tutor will be able to assist you in narrowing your study focus. Essay questions are the most common form of assessment in humanities and language courses. 

A good IB English tutor would be able to teach you how to structure your essay and how to approach different types of questions in these situations.

Essentially, a great tutor will use his or her experience to show you how to ace the exam.

So should you get an online IB English tutor?

The IB programme is demanding and necessitates the instruction of a subject expert. As a result, each IB tutor can usually only teach one or two subjects. This implies that you will require different tutors for various subjects.

Because there are only seven days in a week, we do not recommend that IB students hire a tutor for all subjects. Obtaining a tutor for each subject will require at least 6 hours of tutoring per week. For some students, this may be too much. Students, after all, require independent time to revise and work on internal assessments.

However, many elite IB students, based on our observations, have a tutor for at least two to four of their subjects. For example, one of our 45/45 IB graduates from the 2018 class took chemistry, biology, and mathematics classes with us.

For which IB subjects should you hire a tutor? 

Every student has a few subjects that they prefer to study. Some students, for example, are more naturally drawn to the sciences, while others prefer languages. If you are confident in your ability to handle a subject on your own, you should consider doing so. However, you must have at least one subject that you despise and find perplexing. Getting a tutor for these types of subjects can go a long way.

We recommend that you have regular tuition once a week for your weak subjects to ensure that you are on track with your learning. We recommend that you join tuition for your stronger subjects when you need help for a specific exam or assessment, or to brush up on your exam skills. 

Advantages of online IB tutoring include:

You have more freedom in scheduling classes at your leisure. It contributes to maintaining social distance and preventing the spread of infections such as covid in modern times.

Because online tutoring is a one-on-one service, the chances of being distracted by a third party are slim.

Online tutoring encourages the use of pdfs and other online resources, lowering book costs. It also encourages students to use the internet to study outside of the classroom.

Online tutoring is appealing because it allows students to interact with teachers via interactive features of video communication apps such as annotation, drawing, and screen sharing.

Students can study with the teachers of their choice without having to worry about distance or travel.

They can study from their rooms anywhere on the planet.

Students can record online tutor sessions to aid in their revision.

Online tutors can use high-definition diagrams and simulations to explain concepts to students in the most effective way possible.

Quizzes and timed tests are two ways that online tutors can be creative with their testing methods. These aid them in determining the students’ speed and accuracy.
Students who are shy or introverted can use online tutoring to ask their questions without feeling embarrassed or compromising. It may eventually assist them in opening up.


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