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There are one or two companies who are now specialising in the complete wireless lighting system for the domestic user. This typical GET Smart wireless system is really an entry level wireless control system, which is great for adjusting all lighting systems. It will dim ceiling lights, wall lights and table lamps from a hand held controller or wall plate. The system has the great advantage that all the parts can easily be retro fitted into the normal household electrical lighting circuit. The various parts are not the cheapest end of the market but they are reasonable and can be fitted bit by bit or in a total system.

The good suppliers can give good advice on 433 mhz remote control which way to plan your set up and can give full advice of what and where to install your system. The versatile systems such as Rako can give a range of multiple lighting scenes which can be preset to paint lighting pictures or give mood changes in your home surroundings.

The basic system can be fitted extremely easily, a dimmer control for the table lamp system is just linked in line with the power cable to the table lamp and the light can be completely controlled by the wireless controllers. These controllers are capable of dimming up to 500 watts of lighting load. They are of a robust micro processor design and they can dim lights and also have the ability to reset themselves to set levels, they also have a fair number of safety features such as over current, temperature shutdown and voltage surge protection.

The units can be programmed using a PC based software, which can be installed so that the unit stores the house, room and channel address plus 4 preset scene levels in a non-volatile memory.

The dimmers can be operated from a number of sources such as the hand held controller, the typical wall plate master and the time clock. Communication of the wireless set up is by coded FM radio signal at 433.9 MHz. The hand held control is always likely to be the central control for the lighting set up as the time when the lighting set up will be changed is when you are sitting down. The typical hand held control has a range of 15 metres in free air but outside the room this will be limited. It does not require a line of sight passage for the signal but works quite well in normal household surroundings.


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