Online Shopping: How to Beat the System

And luckily, eBay is a hub for products of all kinds — clothing, home decor, vintage collectibles, artwork. But while the marketplace does offer a space for all kinds of businesses, this might make it a bit more difficult to find your niche and stand out from the crowd.

As the technology progresses, retailers can fall back on augmented reality etc. to give the consumers a more holistic experience. While they can do so in a retail outlet, digital faces a challenge for the same. As in-store representative can gauge the consumer behavior and guide those on the spot, digital sales representatives can fall back on behavioral analytics to read online consumer behavior.

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They want shopping, especially shopping for essential products, to be a breeze — and it should be. Again, according to our survey, grocery retailers are not on the same page as consumers when it comes to shopping planning tools like printed circulars sent to their home, or interactive digital versions of the same. This is an opportunity for retailers to step up their efforts to provide helpful planning tools to shoppers who are keen on having an efficient shopping experience, whether online or in the store.

Convenience: a services perspective

It’s directed to changes in the manner individuals work with a quickly developing overall pattern towards online shopping or eCommerce. Second, previous studies have mostly focused on effects of AR on brand related affective and behavioral responses (Baek et al., 2018, Javornik, 2016, Verhagen et al., 2014). However, the effectiveness and adoption of AR apps might partly be dependent on consumers’ willingness to share personal data. In order to use AR apps, retailers ask users for permission to use their camera and collect other personal data.


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Many direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands begin life as an online store, which means their strategies are inherently online-first. They’re least likely to try and bend an in-person strategy to fit the needs of an online consumer. The most cited reason for returning online purchases, though, is items arriving damaged or completely broken.

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