How Much Does a Billboard Cost + Pricing & Ad Tips

For example, young businesses can leverage local advertising on billboards to build a brand presence regionally. In fact, billboards located on highways that advertise local businesses are extremely actionable because the audience is already nearby. On the other hand, digital billboards can be more effective as they are more dynamic, may be animated (and more attention-grabbing), and can be targeted based on time of day and more. Digital ads also provide small businesses on a budget with cheap billboard options.

Is Billboard Advertising Really Worth It?

This type of data is generally available from the company selling the billboard space. However, it’s also a good idea to visit the location before committing to billboard advertising. Make sure you analyze where your customer base is coming from and put the billboard exactly where they’re most likely to see it. If your vision is big but your ad budget is small, try Blip Billboards’ self-serve digital billboard ads for as little as $10 a day. Your ad will display on a digital billboard for 7.5 to 10 seconds per “blip” based on your budget. Identify your target audience and determine where they are most likely to be during the day and parts of the week. This will help you determine the ideal mapping for your Billboard strategy.

What is Billboard Advertising?

At the same time, they also add inspiration to public billboards. Geopath is a nonprofit organization that gives OOH ratings. To do this, it uses technology and media research to estimate the weekly impressions of every billboard in the country. The Out of Home Advertising Association of America data says that 79% of the top 100 advertisers increased their spending in 2021. 27% of the top out-of-home advertisers are technology or D2C brands.

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Imagine someone is driving by your billboard at 70mph; do you think they will stop by and read your billboard? Therefore, keep your design, text, and font simple but bold. Here is a perfect example of the advertiser taking advantage of the location; have a look at this billboard in New York City, promoting the new Grinch movie. While driving, almost 71 percent of people look at the billboards. More than 50 percent of people say that the billboards they saw were highly engaging.

With adept management and excellent negotiation, you can do cost-effective advertising via billboards. This form of billboard advertising is the most recent and one of the best techniques in the marketing and advertising world. Many entrepreneurs and sponsors have come up with such imaginative approaches for viably conveying their messages to the general population.

This is contrary to digital advertising, where your ad is scrolled past in less than a second. Read more about billboard advertising here. The amount of advertising the average person is exposed to has created “advertising blindness”, making ads skip over. However, the mere size of billboards makes them hard to ignore. Let’s face it– today’s consumers are constantly barraged with advertisements in print , online, over the radio , commercials on television, and even on social media. And because you probably typed in something like, “Billboard advertising effectiveness” into Google, you’ll probably get some more ads delivered to you with that message. Yes, billboards are one of the oldest forms of advertising, but they are still very effective. This article is all about billboard advertising and how you can create impactful billboards for your target audience.

Whether you call on humor, anger, empathy, or cleverness, use emotional marketing tactics in your billboard design to help with recall. Take a look at these examples of eye-catching, creative billboards. While digital appears to be the apparent winner, static has its own advantages.

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