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Quite simply, it means we’re able to install to the highest standards without needing to remove the panels from your car. Custom editing of kits is made easier too, so we can accommodate even the most intricate details without breaking into a sweat. Our expert installers leave no stone unturned when it comes to precision installation. We use the best installation techniques, learned direct from XPEL international trainers, so our in-depth understanding of materials and installation comes direct from the manufacturer. Full Bespoke ProtectionOlder cars tend to be completely unique, with each panel never being same. We don’t cut PPF on the car, so as a result we need to design every section to fit your car from scratch. This is the only way to properly protect your unique or classic car.

Car paint protection film how

Clear bras are made from computer-generated films and feature self-healing technology to serve as a protective barrier to everyday hazards. The technology’s improvements and installation techniques enable modern technicians to apply the bra so that it’s almost undetectable. With the computer-generated system and precise trimming, you are sure your car is protected. However, the shine fades with time, and you need to wash or wax frequently to bring back the luster. Read more about Auto Lackschutzfolierung here. Most car protection films repel dust, dirt, and grim that you pick up as you drive.

As you watch the scratches on the surface of your vehicle vanish, you get the illusion that the protective film is self-healing. Carlori paint protection film can be safely removed from the factory paint without leaving any adhesive marks on your car. Our paint protection film will not exhibit the peeling, cracking, yellowing and blistering that may occur with other less advanced films on the market. The application of spray-on PPF doesn’t require complicated preparations – just thoroughly clean your car.

PPF Installation Aftercare

However, if you want maximum protection and shine, ceramic coating is the way to do it. In addition to protecting against the same threats as PPF, its thickness helps deflect smaller blows to your vehicle.

What is the Difference Between Vinyl and PPF?

It can block minor scratches on the original car paint, reduce paint fragments, and protect the car’s paint work for many years. This is not only good for current car owners, but also good for future car owners-this can increase your resale value. Carlori paint protection film is specially developed for stone chip protection. While being protected from road sand and gravel, it also has excellent durability against cold, heat, humidity, ice, salt and ultraviolet radiation, protecting your paint from damage. If you are interested in Carlori paint protection film, please feel free to contact us or leave us a message for more information and Carlori paint protection film quotation.

If you want it done well, you’ll want to get a reputable and experienced installer to apply the film to your vehicle. A full PPF job can easily be a $5000+ job, so make sure to carefully consider who you take it to and how much of your vehicle you want to protect. It’s not uncommon to choose to protect only the highest risk parts of the vehicle, which can be a great option to keep down on costs while getting the necessary protection. A high quality PPF will block less than 0.1% of sunlight and this ensures that the colors and shine of the paint are not dimmed or obscured. All of this combines to give you protection that can last you many years if you care for it properly. You can expect in many cases to get a 5-10 year warranty with your PPF, which is an indication of the longevity of many of the products on the market.

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